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Bank Holiday Monday and guess what the weather was like? Terrible, of course!

Band had been invited to play at this year’s Food and Craft Festival in Rothbury and when we arrived the field had to be strewn with hay to make it easier to drive over after all the rain had turned everything to mud.  Ross’s van, weighted down with our steel pans, got stuck in the mud and had to be towed onto the field and off again at the end of the day!

We played in a gazebo and although the pans were under cover the rain was driving in our direction and the wind was blowing music onto the wrong pages.  We even had Benny’s brother holding his music still for him.  We’re getting good at playing in poor weather conditions though and our playing was appreciated by visitors to the festival.

We played a good selection of pieces in three separate sets, making way for Alnwick Concert band at lunchtime who seemed to get the better weather! When we resumed playing the weather got worse and adults with us stood with band inside the gazebo to keep dry – our music seemed to cheer visitors up and we had lots of compliments from people.

Because this engagement was so far away we needed lots of help in transporting band members as well as instruments.  I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who took children to Rothbury, stayed to listen or gave them lifts back home.  I hope you enjoyed listening to your children play.

Most of all a big thank you to all the members in band for working so hard all year to prepare pieces ready for entertaining other people – you have given everyone who listens (and me) a great deal of pleasure.

Thank you and well done.

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