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Year 6 took part in a ‘DinoMaths’ workshop organised by the Centre For Life Museum in Newcastle.  We found out what fossils and trace fossils are and carefully examined a selection of fossils ranging from plants to carnivores and herbivores. A mammoth’s tooth was fascinating to hold.

When were the dinosaurs around?

We looked at present day events and placed them on a timeline, then looked at a timeline in relation to the dinosaurs.

Using Plaster of Paris we made our own casts of teeth and claws.  A huge life size femur was examined and we measured out the length of a specific dinosaur on the playground.

Using our skills in mathematics to measure, find averages, and working out ratios we imagined what the size and dimensions of the creatures would have been.

We worked out if footprints showed animals walking or running by measuring and calculating.

The day was fascinating as we combined dinosaurs with science and mathematics.

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