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Engineering plays a major part in every aspect of our lives.

Year 8 visited Nissan Sunderland Plant.  They heard about how engineers are adapting to an ever-changing world such as the development of alternative forms of power.  The engineers who studied traditional technologies such as petrol-powered vehicles are now learning about electric vehicle technology.  They have developed the 100% electric Nissan LEAF.  A growing number of girls are getting involved in engineering and during a walk of the production line the students saw how women are playing a more active part in the building of cars.

On the shop floor there were thousands of parts arriving at specific locations and were being fitted to the painted vehicle shell.  A great variety of robots were being used.

The students later took part in a selection of games and challenges.

This event was held in conjunction with the Government’s “See Inside Manufacturing“.  The initiative hopes to inspire young people (both girls and boys) to consider careers in advanced manufacturing and engineering, and to challenge negative perceptions about the UK’s manufacturing industry.

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