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This video can also be downloaded manually here.

Watching the Video

Thank you for purchasing a DVD of our final pantomime, Babes in the Wood.

Those of you who did purchase a DVD also have access to the high definition video. It has been uploaded to Youtube and is also available as a digital download.

The Youtube video should be visible above. The downloadable version is linked in the blue message box. For TVs with a USB port you should be able to copy the file Pantomime 2016 ‘Babes in the Wood’ – Seahouses Middle School.mp4 onto a USB stick and play it from that, but as each TV is different I can’t make any guarantees about this. Alternatively a laptop with an HDMI connection can be connected to a TV, or a mobile phone or tablet can be streamed to a TV, for example using a Google Chromecast or Apple TV device.

If you have any issues please refer to the help section linked at the bottom of this post.

About the DVD / Video

I used footage from both the Wednesday and Thursday nights – each from different sides of the hall (unfortunately I was unable to record from the right-hand side of the hall on the Thursday night).  The cast audio was much better on the Thursday night performance, but as a result the music audio was far too loud and sounded awful when played back. I had the microphone turned down lower on the Wednesday night so the music sounded much better – this is why the video skips between different sides of the hall. Unfortunately we didn’t perform one of the songs on the Wednesday night (Greatest Day) so I’ve had to use the Thursday night footage of it, so apologies that that sounds rubbish.

In line with school policy the pantomime credits have been removed from the online videos on this page and some faces have been obscured both on the DVD and these videos.

If anyone has any issues or questions about the pantomime please contact the school and I’ll be happy to help where I can.

Once again a massive thank you to those of you have purchased the DVD of our final pantomime.

If you are having issues watching our videos we have a help page here.

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