Information for Parents

The Pupil Premium is additional government funding for schools to help support pupils who:

  • Have been eligible for Free School Meals at any point in the last 6 years.
    • £1,320 per child per year up to Year 6
    • £935 per child per year—Y7-Y11
  • Is Looked After by the Local Authority.
  • Have been adopted from care.
    • £1,900
  • Have parents who currently work or have worked for the Armed Services within the past 5 years.
    • £300 per child

We are aware of most of our Pupil Premium pupils but there may be some pupils whose eligibility has not been made obvious to us.

If you think your child is eligible for this grant or know of a child who is, please contact Miss Harris in confidence at the address below:

Tel: 01665 720473

How do we use the Pupil Premium grant to support our pupils?

Nationally, Pupil Premium pupils perform below their peers and we are committed to narrowing the gap in attainment between our Pupil Premium pupils and their peers.  We look at all our pupils on an individual basis and decide how the Pupil Premium grant can be best used to support their educational and social achievement.

Details of our expenditure are published annually on our website but the following list is an example of some of the ways we could use our grant to raise standards and increase opportunities:

  • Specialist Teaching programmes and resources such as Read/Write Inc. and Success@Arithmetic.
  • Subsidising some trips where appropriate.
  • Provision of Guided Reading groups.
  • 1-1 tuition where appropriate.
  • Small group support for Literacy and numeracy.
  • Homework Club to provide access to computers and support.
  • Purchase of specialised resources where appropriate.

If your child is eligible for the Pupil Premium grant and you feel that we could support them in a specific way please let us know.

What can You Do to Help Your Child?

Of course we recognise the contribution that parents make to help their children and encourage parents to be actively involved in supporting their children both at school and at home.

These are some of the many ways you can help to support your child at home:

  • Take time to read with your child regularly.
  • Encourage your child to attend school regularly.
  • Do not take your child out of school during term time.
  • Support your child with their homework. Join Oxford Owl to help support your child at home.
  • Make sure that you attend Parent Meetings so that you can find out how to support your child with their targets.
  • Encourage your child to visit their library.
  • Visit local museums and attractions such as Bailiffgate Museum, Alnwick Castle etc.
  • Encourage your child to do a sporting activity—swimming, cycling, walking etc.
Further Support

Miss Harris is responsible for monitoring progress and achievement of all Pupil Premium pupils within school.

Each term, individual progress is reviewed with staff and appropriate intervention programmes are organised for those pupils who require them.

Existing interventions are reviewed and discussed. If your child is making expected progress then no additional intervention will be put into place. If additional intervention is felt to be required, parents will be informed by letter or at a meeting with your child’s class teacher.

If you feel that your child would benefit from additional interventions that could be supported by the Pupil Premium grant, please contact Miss Harris.

Useful Information

Here on our website we have information on Pupil Premium progress and funding.

Policy for the Allocation of Pupil Premium


For more details on Pupil Premium please visit:

Homework Support

Oxford owl is a FREE website which helps parents support their child with reading and maths. It includes over 250 eBooks, advice and engaging activities. – useful revision pages for KS2 and KS3 in all subjects.

Free School Meals Eligibility

Please speak to the school office who will be happy to advise you.

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