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Year 6 went on their final trip to Alnwick Gardens.  It was a time for us to meet up with the other schools who have been taking part in Roots and Shoots and harvest our vegetable plot.

We had a good crop of carrots, parsnip, beans, beetroot, leeks and potatoes but we were too late for our celery and lettuce.  Our scarecrow was still standing watching over our plot.

After the harvest and clearing our plot we potted on a selection of small plants which we took home.

After dinner we made some mixed fruit salads, went on a treasure hunt in the maize to find clues for a worksheet for the NHS and did some exercise by playing rounders.  This was all healthy work.

All the schools gathered together.  We showed our book, an extremely large onion and courgette and performed a rap.

We were then awarded a certificate for taking part.

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