Ethos & values:

The school aims to provide an education which meets the individual needs of all the children. It is a community school and as such is a centre not only for children but for their parents, neighbours, senior citizens, youth and unemployed. The children are part of this larger community, and the school aims to equip children to become full members of it. Links with the community are planned into the work the children undertake.


Our school aims:

  1. To support the development of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes, and by so doing promote high achievement in all areas of the curriculum.
  2. To help children develop a set of personal values based on honesty and trust, tolerance, understanding, caring and respect for others which allows the establishment of effective personal and social relationships.
  3. To enable children to develop a sense of self value, self respect and independence with the ability to function as contributing members of co-operating groups.
  4. To provide an experience of learning which is enjoyable, rewarding and confidence building.
  5. To encourage and enable learning to take place through experience at first hand and to incorporate opportunities for children to reflect upon that experience.

School Aims

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