Please be aware that because of new guidance published by the Department of Education in April 2014, we have put a new policy in place called “Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions”.

This policy mainly refers to essential prescribed medication.  From now on we cannot administer medication to pupils unless parents complete a written request using the consent from which is attached below.  A consent form needs to be filled in each time a child needs any medication.  We can only administer medication that a doctor has prescribed or a parent has authorised.

The policy, available in full below, also recommends that the administration of medication is kept to a minimum so parents are requested to consider the possibility of administering the daily doses out of school hours.  However as long as the consent form is completed and sent in along with the medication, which must be kept in its original container as dispensed by the chemist, we will be happy to administer it.

Medication Consent Form
Title: Medication Consent Form
Filename: medication-consent-form.pdf
Size: 93 KB
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions policy
Title: Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions policy
Filename: supporting-pupils-with-medical-conditions-policy.pdf
Size: 630 KB

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